Akshaya Thippur
Visiting Research Fellow
English, Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, German, Swedish


Akshaya Thippur is an engineer specialising in Machine Learning, Applied Artificial Intelligence and Signal Processing. He formerly worked as a Data Scientist for Univrses AB working on 3DAICity smart city maps. Akshaya has also been a research fellow at University of Bristol, Friedrich Alexander Universtiy, Erlangen and a researcher at Fraunhofer Audio Labs IIS, Erlangen. 

Akshaya has completed his PhD research from Robotics Perception and Learning department at KTH University in Stockholm. Akshaya also has his MS in Machine Learning from KTH, and his BE degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from VTU, Bangalore.  

Current focus

Bayesian Modelling, Probabilistic Methods, Data Science and Engineering