Regulatory Insights

Electricity forward markets: Physical Contracts

19 January 2024 | 16:00-17:00 IST

In this online debate, we will focus on the need for forward markets in the Indian electricity sector as forward markets have a key role to play in providing hedging opportunities for market participants, and thereby supporting efficient operation of short-term markets for electricity. We will look at the lessons learned from the Danish experience and the potential way forward for India through a multi-stakeholder lens.

This debate will be conducted in two parts. In part one we will focus on physical contracts and in part two on role of financial contracts.


04.00 – 04.05: Opening remarks by Swetha Ravi Kumar | Executive Director, FSR Global

04.05 – 04.15: Lessons learnt of forward markets  – Khem Gautam | Long-term Sector Expert, Indo-Danish Energy Partnership

04.15 – 04.20: Power exchange perspective –  Rohit Bajaj | Head of Business Development, IEX

04.20 – 04.25: OTC perspective – Kapil Dev | Managing Director, New Age Markets in Electricity

04.25 – 04.30: Regulatory perspective – Ashutosh Sharam | AC(Eco), CERC

04.30 – 04.35: DISCOM perspective – Sanjeev Shukla, CE(Planning), UP Power Corporation Limited

04.35 – 04.45: Questions from Discussants: PK Pujari and RP Singh | Distinguished Fellows, FSR Global and Morten Pindstrup | International Chief Engineer, Danish transmission system operator

04.45 – 04.55: Q&A Discussion 

04.55 – 05.00: Closing remarks by RP Singh | Distinguished Fellow, FSR Global 

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