Regulatory Insights

Energy Derivatives

14 February 2024 | 16:00-17:00 IST

In this online debate, we will focus on the need for energy derivatives (futures, options, swaps, contracts for differences, etc.) as part of the forward markets in India.  Electricity spot prices in the emerging electricity markets are generally volatile due to low liquidity, and other  dynamic factors such as fuel supply changes, renewable energy intermittency, transmission congestion, and other constrains in generation or distribution. As a risk management tool, hedging instruments through energy derivatives are needed to reduce price risk exposure for market participants, including generators, buyers and distribution entities. Therefore, this debate shall lay the ground for identifying the need for energy derivatives, the purpose it can be used for (and by whom) and the challenges and measures required to implement it in the Indian ecosystem. Importantly, the regulatory landscape and jurisdictional roles and responsibilities between SEBI and CERC in regulating the delivery of these financial contracts and the settlements.


04.00 – 04.05: Opening remarks by Swetha Ravi Kumar | Executive Director, FSR Global

04.05 – 04.15: Alejandro Hernandez |Director,

04.15 – 04.20: Ajay Pandey | Professor, Indian Institute of Management

04.20 – 04.25: Ruchi Shukla| Head, 

04.25 – 04.30: Rajesh Cherayil | Chief Strategy Officer, PTC

04.30 – 04.35: Rohit Bajaj | Executive Director, IEX

04.35 – 04.50: Q&A Discussion

04.50 – 05.00: Closing remarks by RP Singh | Distinguished Fellow, FSR Global

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