Technical Report

Navigating Telangana’s Power Sector

05 April 2024

The State of Telangana is one of the fastest growing state economies in India, with its electricity consumption progressively increasing over the last many years and is expected to increase its demand by 70% come 2031. While the state is well positioned to be one of the frontrunners given its economic and energy indicators, when it comes to its performance across the power sector value chain – generation, transmission and distribution, it is fairing well in some pockets and with scope for improvement in many others. This report examines the entire value chain of the power sector in Telangana and provides a snapshot covering both regulatory governance as well as regulatory substance. The report findings can help chart the way forward for Telangana’s power sector and help unlock its full potential in being a frontrunner amongst Indian states. 

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Swetha Ravi Kumar, Ashwitha Ramesh Tunga