Open Africa Power | FSR in Ethiopia with Enel Foundation

FSR Global


Jan 28, 2018

The course starts today in Ethiopia!

Open Africa Power is an education venture initiated by Enel Foundation in 2018 in partnership with top Academic institutions such as Strathmore University from Kenya, the University of Addis Ababa from Ethiopia, and Italian institutions such as the Politecnico di Torino, the Politecnico di MilanoBocconi University and Florence School of Regulation.

The program aims to forge a new generation of African leaders deeply engaged with their countries clean energy future. After involving 29 selected candidates in the inaugural module of the first edition, Open Africa Power’s second edition, taking place in 2019, will engage up to 60 African students and alumni in a series of professional development and leadership activities, comprising residential training modules in Ethiopia and Italy in 2019.

Today in Addis Abeba, Swetha Bhagwat (FSR Global) will deliver a keynote speech and present the course.

The program addresses high profile African graduates wanting to enhance their technical, regulatory and business skills required to work in the private and public sector towards the electrification of Africa.

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