Technical Report

Regulatory Menu for Integration of Renewables

July 2022

Note: This piece of work is in collaboration with the Florence School of Regulation, EUI

Traditional approaches to electricity market design need adaptation to factor in the growing share of renewables in the energy mix. Energy transition in different parts of the world is taking different forms and pace. This report examines and presents how electricity markets have evolved in Europe and India and focuses on six topics – wholesale spot market and role of power exchanges, role of decentralised energy resources, renewable energy resources support mechanisms, ancillary market balancing services, retail electricity market and cross border electricity trade. The report is based on the discussions undertaken at the fifth EU-India Regulatory Workshop Series under the framework of the ‘India-EU Clean Energy and Climate Partnership’ organised by the EU Delegation to India.


Swetha Ravi Kumar, Ashwitha Ramesh Tunga, Sarvajeet Sinha