Suhela Verma
Communications Associate

English, Hindi


Suhela Verma is an architect by profession. After completing her education in B. Architecture, she has been practicing architecture and interior design for the past five years, bringing innovative and creative designs to life. 

Beyond her professional pursuits, she has a deep passion for painting and creating art inspired by the world around. It is through art that she finds a means to express her creativity and bring beauty into the world. Additionally, she enjoys using her design skills to develop unique concepts and ideas for emerging companies across different fields. She strives to make their offerings more interesting and infused with character. 

In addition, she also engages in part-time graphic design projects which allows her to further explore her artistic abilities and contribute to visually captivating designs. 

Overall, her journey as an architect, interior designer, painter, and graphic designer has been an exciting and fulfilling one. She is looking forward to continuing to create and innovate in these diverse creative fields.