FSR Global and The Central Electricity Authority sign MoU

FSR Global

May 15, 2024

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between The Central Electricity Authority (hereinafter referred to as “CEA”) and the FSR Global Council (hereinafter referred to as “FSR Global”) on 14th May 2024. The MoU was signed by Ms Ammi Ruhama Toppo, representing The Central Electricity Authority, and Ms Swetha Ravi Kumar, representing FSR Global.

The Central Electricity Authority and the FSR Global aims to collaborate and work together in areas of sustainable development of power sector, which include, development of resource adequacy planning tool and modelling handbook.

In addition, capacity building programs will also be developed with the support of CEA and/or other state level authorities. Furthermore, other complementary subjects linked to the primary scope can be carried out under this MoU based on need and mutual agreement between the Parties.

Under the terms of the MoU, The Central Electricity Authority, and FSR Global will jointly offer knowledge and tools on different facets of the power sector bringing both national and international knowhow. This dynamic partnership holds immense potential to shape the future of the power sector, paving the way for a more sustainable and equitable energy landscape.

About FSR Global

The FSR Global is a Section-8 not-for-profit organization registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India. FSR Global has been working to support India in developing regulatory and policy framework focused on the energy sector, including power, gas and other end use sectors. FSR Global fosters collaborations with energy stakeholders from around the world to improve the quality of infrastructure regulation and policy by co-creating knowledge that is accessible and actionable. As a regulatory knowledge hub, FSR Global undertakes, policy dialogues, applied research and training focused on key regulatory topics focused on actions both at the central and state level in India.

About The Central Electricity Authority

Central Electricity Authority is a statutory organization originally constituted under section 3(1) of the repealed Electricity (Supply) Act,1948, since substituted by Section 70 of the Electricity Act,2003 (EA,2003).