The FSR Global Forum on World Energy Transition

 Pérez-Arriaga, J-M. Glachant, P.L. Alessi, P.C. Bhagwat, S.R.K Bhagwat, S.Y. Hadush, G. Montesano, C.Papa and N. Rossetto

The energy sector is undergoing a serious transition, being subject to the challenges and opportunities brought by the unstoppable global trends of decentralisation, decarbonisation, and digitalisation. As perhaps the most flexible component of the energy sector, the power sector is rapidly changing, through the introduction of distributed energy resources (DERs), the adoption of cleaner technologies, and the utilisation of ICT technologies at all levels.

At the Global Forum, 100 representatives from government agencies, regulatory bodies, energy companies, energy utilities, development organisations and academics will meet in Florence to discuss and propose practice-oriented solutions around topical issues with a special focus on Latin America, Africa and Asia

The motive underlying the portfolio of topics that are brought for discussion in this Global Forum is that the primary objective of the regulatory institutions and the regulation itself must be to facilitate and enable the best technical and economic solutions, to minimise unnecessary regulatory interference and to encourage efficient results.

Download the Global Forum Report for insights on the discussion and outputs of the event.

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